Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Will America Ever Be Restored?

Will America Ever Be Restored

        This is a question that I have asked myself and many others. No one can answer this question. What will it take before the average citizen realizes that this country is on a road to disaster? What will it take to convince people that they are victims of crime that is being committed against them by their very leaders elect? Government from the local county government to the Congress, House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, President. Even the Secret Service has had more bad publicity coverage than Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen combined,  yet they still manage to keep their jobs. Meanwhile, it is Americans who are losing their jobs. NOT because they aren't working efficiently, but because Government is NOT working efficiently.
        Every four years we watch the media drum up as much confusion, banter, lies, and deceptive propaganda for the voting 'sponges to soak up'. After all of the people are nice and marinated with the "bullshit sauce" bcoming out of every media source imaginable, they are ready to be cooked once again. Most people do not know that the government is not a good cook. They never follow directions and they always burn up and ruin everything they come in contact with. Don't get me wrong here, not all government is bad. In fact, it's only the people who are bad. Power hungry sociopaths that can't get enough drama. I'm not talking about those just doing it to pay the bills and keep a job. I'm talking about the ones who thrive on control, power, and intimidation. Most of them were the creepy kids who liked to torture animals for fun. People like Jeffery Dahmer just couldn't hold it together long enough to become a politician, but he would have fit in nicely in Washington, D.C. I am not an anarchist and I'm not sure as hell not an idiot. I know it's hard to believe from my exaggerated and opinion drenched spouting, but I can't take this shit seriously anymore. It's too taxing on my mind, body and soul. I do believe that governance is a good thing and that society requires it, but certainly not when it falls into the wrong hands. By the way: It's in the wrong hands.
        Taxed to death, worked to death, and if that isn't enough they steal everything you have and they call that 'retirement'. People are pushed to their breaking point. The government has no resources of its own, but it tries relentlessly to take from the slave-horse that drives them. They want everyone to be weak and powerless. They want people to rely on them for sustenance. They instill fear and shame into innocent people for crimes that they have yet to commit. Agencies like the TSA search your belongings, bags, and private parts like you are a prisoner. Why? Because that is absolutely what you are. I mean that in a mental, spiritual, and physical way. The government wants people to feel powerless and succumb to the "helping hand of the government". They need people to destroy each other because they do not have to lift a finger if they let us do it ourselves. They allow such destruction in our mental, physical, and spiritual realm because it is to their benefit. Over time people have become callus to world around them. Desensitized and shut off from society. We have become ingrained with the idea that we are something special. That no one around you could possibly have anything to offer you. People idly walk past each other, ignoring that the other exists. Many will stand in a room full of people for hours on end; only to leave and not know a single person's name or anything about the people in that room. How is this progressing as human beings? 
        We pass the notion that all strangers are bad, meanwhile forgetting that every one was a stranger once. Some like to forget that their own family and friends are truly strangers. Some know what I'm talking about right now. People you may have grown up with, but you really don't know much about. Why is it that people don't want to know each other? Why do people divide themselves and keep away from society? What makes people refrain from trust? These are some things to think about.
Here is a break down of what I mean by : "They allow such destruction in our mental, physical, and spiritual realm"
  •         Mentally - All that people are exposed to on television is garbage. Same with a majority of schools. Most colleges are a ripoff pyramid scheme and people do not share real and relevant information any longer and the garbage that is being taught is worthless nonsense over half the time. People are not taught about their money, how to balance a checkbook, control investments or finances. Why? Because the school doesn't expect these slaves to need anything, but their back for the hard labor they will be doing when they can't find any other job. That is if the other two components I mention below haven't already been eroded from their lives. It's all about "entertainment". This is only occupying the dulled minds while the system takes over. Our "education system" is producing 18 year old adults who cannot read even at an 8th grade level. You can't call it a system until it actually works. I'm not saying it's all piss-poor, but I am saying that it needs to do some homework.

  •         Physically - Almost every right to protect oneself has been stripped away and not to mention the severity of the obesity issue that this nation faces. It goes without saying that physically we are not the strongest nation. I'm not saying that there isn't a lot of strong, healthy people in America, but I am saying that a large number of those people are in prison. There are people out there that are healthy, fit, in shape, but they cannot defend themselves. Many citizens do not know how to operate, clean, or handle a firearm. It is my opinion that everyone who is mature and responsible enough to handle a weapon should own one. The police and government court systems expect us to be victimized before we defend ourselves. If more people defended themselves, criminal would either stop attacking people or have to finally start suffering the consequences for their actions. Let's face it, the court system doesn't do justice, but that's for another post.

  •         Spiritually - Religion has mocked and twisted to suit every little group's wants and needs while losing track of the very importance of religion itself. Churches fighting churches and ethnic battles all over the world are more mainstream than ever. I'm not saying that church and religion is a bad thing, but I am saying that some can't afford it. It is taxing on the soul and very spirit that religion is about. Many church goers do the very opposite that their God asks of them, but because they have twisted the components of religion to suit their needs, it is no problem. These are the same people who can be overbearing at times, trying to stuff their believes into the minds of others. Why would any honest, moral, and ethical person push the idea of their religion on those in other nations? Why would these same people use violence and torture to implement their beliefs into people on the other side of the Earth? They murder innocent people, after all, there was no trial before they were killed in a war that was quietly waged. This is supposed to be fairness? Equality? It is the few that spoil the bunch. Not all politicians and people of power are bad, but keep supporting those corrupt few and you shall spoil and rot with the rest of society. Look around. People don't believe in anything anymore. Imagination has been met with medication, energy is suppressed at very early ages, thought is controlled by media, school, and repetitive indoctrination that un-prepares you for the real world. People don't believe in spirit, much less themselves anymore. I see less and less young people with any trace of hope in their body. We don't strive for better any longer. We have become complacent in that there is nothing better. Deep down we know this not to be true, but what will it take to instill genuine belief in one another and be able to progress as the human race and not as one organization or another?
 It's easy to see that a government that has people at heart would never let such things happen. They could easily address the solutions to these social and economic problems, but they are making too much damn money letting it happen. As Americans grow weaker, they are more likely to surrender to the government and accept the oppressive hand that feeds. Most people will never get out of the rat-trap once they have entered. It is a maze so complex and difficult that it seems to be engineered to be unilateral in terms of who takes the "shit end of the stick". You guessed who get's the clean end and it's the government every time.
        Isn't it about time to make something of this turd-sandwich if we are forced to eat it anyhow? Every little thing we can do to make this turd-sandwich taste better is a step in the right direction. Wake your friends and family up and if you know honest, hard working people, then ask them why they are not running for office! We need it desperately.   
pardon the errors, spelling, and such. it has been a long 26 hour day ;)