Sunday, October 21, 2012

T'was the night before the FOMC meeting... Dissecting Media.

This is my "I told you so" QE3 to video that I made the night prior to the QE3 to announcement
           It didn't take a rocket scientist to understand that QE3 was inevitable because we all saw QE1 and QE2 fail. "Quantitative Easing" or trying to print your way out of debt with more debt is simply never going to be the answer that Bernanke, The Federal Reserve, US government, or the people are looking for. We need a solid solution; we don't need another temporary fix to a permanent problem. Monetization of debt is very dangerous for even the biggest governments. Debasing the dollar is causing a certain 'invisible' harm to the American people and the world right now. Governments are stroking the pockets of big banks and printing us into oblivion. Watch this video as I show the 60+ million websites arguing about whether or not QE was coming. I found this hilarious. Why is nobody worried about the consequences? Maybe because they are too busy wagering ego points to see who "called it". Get real folks. We need to think about plan a, b , and c because the frivolous leaders in office aren't fixing it. In fact, they are making the end result much worse. Stop leaving in the hands of a few to fix the problems of many. Thank You For Paying Attention. Now Pay It Forward.