Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Complicating Even The Simplest Tasks Since 1908... The FBI.

• Tactical Gear (check)
• Ballistics Vest (check)
• Branded FBI Attire (check)
• Firearm (hopefully not!)
• Common Sense (_____)  <----- I knew he forgot something.

I feel that I do not need to waste my time explaining how foolish we (the taxpayers) are for allowing government to squander our children's futures for imaginary safety - Which needless to say - Doesn't Exist and will NEVER EXIST

I would offer that citizens protect themselves, but that is becoming increasingly harder, for even honest, law-abiding citizens. It should never be illegal to defend one's right to life, especially if that person is merely protecting themselves, their family, and/or property from wrongdoing.

If you'd like to explore ideas and products for self defense, I will provide some of my favorite links below. If you have any suggestions - feel free to send me your favorite sites (and of coarse: relevant to this post) to be added here! [send to:]  - J&L Self-Defense Products  - Home Self Defense Products  - Women On Gaurd - Ladies: This One's For You! ;)  - Like the Walmart of Self Defense!  Taser International - Needs No Introduction! ;)  Bud's Gun Shop - Great Online Retailer!!!