Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Divided States of America - United by Chains - Obey


The Divided States of America - United by Chains - Obey

by: Brandon Holsey

Outline of the video below:

American Culture: This will be the shortest section – What Culture? We don’t have a “culture”. We have divisions. The End.

American Trust – Dissolved by American Greed. Neighbors don’t trust neighbors, business owners don’t trust employees, parents don’t trust kids, no intellect trusts the government, police do not trust civilians, and even politicians don’t trust each other. We are taught to never trust a stranger from the time we are able to walk. Everyone is a stranger when you’re 5. Meaning everyone you meet in your life cannot be trusted. Simple as that. Ask yourself whom do you REALLY trust? Who would you trust with YOUR life? I would answer myself. Why? Because the truth is that is the only reliable source an American has anymore. The only one who cares about you is you. People who trust others to sustain their means of life are almost certainly let down and abused. Trust is power to the beholder. He who earns your trust earns power over you.

American Greed – Greed was once a “sin of gluttons”, but now even the churches are guilty of squeezing the money out of churchgoers. No place of business is safe from the growing outreaches of American Greed. Its tentacles have touched every arena of money, trade, politics, government, and the military. What used to be “greed” is now deemed “suitable out of necessity” and we are now able to feel a little better about what we are doing. Shoveling the gaping gluttonous mouth is all that we are accomplishing, all while calling it “sustenance” or adhering a fancy new label to it and selling it to the taxpayer. More More More. More everything. Why does the cost of everything continue to rise? We do we always need more? When is it enough? Never. Greedy Bastards. You Love Them Don’t You? Then STOP IT ALREADY!

American Divisions – We are divided in more ways than I can even begin to mention. Race, Religion, Sexual preference, and Political perspectives are the most popular of the bunch, but there are innumerable divisions in this country. The idea that we can all believe in the same thing simply doesn’t exist at this time. I believe that it could, but it will take a massive effort to do so. We all have to realize that our own life is what matters and that we need to be on the same team. Otherwise the other team (big government) as organized and stabilized as they are will win every time. We are the most unorganized and thoughtless bunch of idiots on the playing field right now. I believe this is mainly due to the reasons I have listed above: Lack of culture, trust, and the overwhelming greed that is crippling our nation. That is only to name a few things. As one, we are nothing but slaves; united as many, we will be untied. The chains are getting heavy America.

Stop perpetuating the very ideas that deep down we all know are wrong. Enough is Enough. Teach youth the truth and reality before television does. Teach each other by leading by example and stop waiting for the hands of a few to solve the problems of many. Be an American, but first learn what it means. What does it mean to you? What will it mean to your children’s children? MAKE IT BETTER.

 I’m Brandon Holsey and this message is powered by Ron Paul.