Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To End Racism, Today!

The Only Race That Matters:

       The only race that truly matters is the human race. We all share this common trait. So, why then do we see inequality, division, hatred, and racism each and every day, if this is common knowledge? The answer is simple - most people have not been taught. 

         In order to learn something, we must either teach ourselves or be taught. It doesn't just happen on its own. The truth is that people all over the world are being taught just the opposite of this. If we were to alter the "curriculum" and teach unity and values, then all people will have opportunities that they never would have otherwise. When we grow as a human race, we grow a much better opportunity for future generations. We are all one.

         In every race there are winners and there are losers. Don't be confused by color, religion, and miniscule differences; we all share the same mechanisms in mind, body, and spirit. Forget the mindset that one "group" is better than another, for the truth is that divided we are nothing. We cannot take pride in our human race until it is professed to be the ULTIMATE RACE.

        You've been granted the ultimate gift of life. You belong to the human race. Stand with your brothers and sisters of the world. Join the minds of many and together we are unstoppable. Positive minds and energy is a force that can conquer the worst evils this world has ever faced. But we'll never know until we this message is clear to every beating heart on this planet. Teach Truth. Empower Yourself and Others. Spread the message of Unity. We all have our differences. We've spent thousands of years worrying about them; it is time that focus on that in which we all share - LIFE. We Already Live Together! What are you waiting for?

Watch this video by E.T. Williams - The Doctor Of Common Sense: